Bali Theyyam

Asari community devote Bali theyyam with different functions. In the Epic Ramayana Sugreeva’s brother isBali nad he is died with the arrow on his chest that was aimed by Lord SreeRama.The Rama gave devotion and lamp in the Earth.First time he reached Vaduvakkotta in kudaku,and by devotion he saw Mannummal Viswakarma.Then by seeing the devotee’s culture,custom and tradition Mannummal Viswakarmas Vellolamekuda adharamayi Bali theyyam went first to Mannummal Padinhatta.Then from the Bali gone to Morazha,Kurunthaza,Vadakkankoval,Vellarangara,Kokkanisseri,Mangad and many other kavus.Without in Viswakarma kavus Bali is performed at only one kavu of another community.The name of the temple is Ezhom Anakkottam Kavu.There are two types of mudi for Bali  Kireedam  Poomudi

Palot Daivam

The story of Palot Daivam is related to a place named Azhikode[near Kannur].It is said that the gold crown of Lord Vishnu was made flown in to the sea by Goddess Ganga with the declaration of Lord Shiva. Because of the waves of the seat he crown floated and reached Azhikkode Kadappuram.At that time Karumana Chakkathu Divyan and his friend Perumthattan(gold smith) had gone for fishing.They got the crown and hand over it to the King of Chirakkal.They kept the crown in the place of the king’s officer Murikkancheri Nayar.Then Perumthattan and Sithikandan Theeyan had order.Then Murikkancheri Nayar called an astrologist and saw that the crown is a Daivakkaru and Lord Vishnu had arrived in their place.So they need a Kavu for devoting Vishnu as Palazhikkottu Daivam.Then Murikkancheri Nayar made a kavu and devoted the God with poojas and many karmas.After many years when poojas were over Eezhavas told the Thattans(gold smith)that they should not touch their well and make it dirty.Then because of sad Thattans prayed to their God that God should come with them and gone to a place where Thattans are more named Thattachery (near Nileshwar).After that they saw a monkey up in the Banyan Tree of Vadayanthur Kazhakam.And one day the monkey broke a large trunk of the tree and throw it down.Then because of afraid the people called an astrologist and saw that Palot Daivam had came to Nileshwar and Palot Daivam need separate palliyyara near Vadayanthur Kazhakam.Then people made a separate palliyara near the temple and started devoting the God.


Aivar means five members.They are Pulikkandan,Pullikkarinkali,Puliyoorkali,PuliyoorKannan,Pulimaruthan,Kaalappuli.Shiva and Parvathi made themselves Tiger and Leopard.Then from Thathanar Kallu they had five childrens.When they became big they started killing and eating the cows of Kurumbrathiri Vaazhunnavar.For stopping them killing his cows he made a soldier named Karinthiri Nayar, for killing the tigers.Then Karinthiri Nayar made a tree house and so many bows having fire.But when he was about to leave his bow ,a tiger named Kaalappuli jumped on and killed him.Then Karinthiri Nayar became daivakkaru.Then these five Pulidaivas go to the Ramapuram Padinhatta along with Kaariyath Mootha Thandan in his Olakkuda.

Madayil Chamundi

There were two powerful asuras in the asurakula named Chanda and Munda.They acquired a vara from Lord Brahma that they will die only by the hands of women.When SumbaNisumba’s they won the three Lokas and ChandaMunda became their servants.Then the Devas go and pray to Devi Parvathi.Parvathi created a Murthi with power more than thousand elephants.Then the Murthi gone and killed ChandaMunda and for serving people came to the Earth.By going through Pathala the Murthi came to Alanthatta Madavathil and became the family diety of Vannadil Poduval and became Madayil Chamundi.

Puthiya Bhagavati

As Lord Shiva Created Cheerumba Devi, he gave her weapon as Maari(disease).And told her that if any one came to attack her she can use that weapon.For testing Devi used it towards Lord Shiva itself.Then Shiva got Vasoori disease and was very weak.Many Yaagas and Poojas were done for curing it.Then one day Shiva opened his eyes and eye drops fell in the Homakunda.From that a new moorthi came known as Puthiya Bhagavati.Then Bhagavti removed the disease and came to earth for curing Maari that Cheerumba threws.Lord Shiva gave Puthiya bhagavati kettu ,chuttu,pantham etc.