Angakkulangara Bhagavati

For killing a devil named Allohallan from the third eye of Rayaramangalam Bhagavati a power appeared and from near to the pond in padakkalm(paduvalam)the power changed in to a magical god and from near the pond the god killed the devil.Because of deriving from near to the pond she was known as Angakkulangara Bhagavati

Raktha Chamundi

Rakthabeejasura came to have a war with Devi to have the revenge back because Devi had killed his mother’s brothers Sumba-Nisumbas.If a drop of this devil fall on the Earth then another devil like him will born.Between the war, Rakthabeejasura fall on the Earth and because of getting wound with Vajrayuda many twins of him born.Inorder to clear the blood that will fall again on earth a Devi named Raktha Chamundi apperared and kill the devil from her tongue.


The story of Vishnumoorthi is from Nileswar related to a cattle rearer named Palanthai Kannan.He worked under Kuruvattu Kurup.One day after rearing cattles he saw many mangoes on the mango tree.Then he climbed the tree and pluck one and started eating.The mango slipped from his hand and fall on the shoulder of the sister of Kuruvattu Kurup.Then because of fear Palanthai Kannan leaved Nileswar and reached Mangalapuram(Manglore).He reached a Tharavadu were Vishnumoorthi is devoted.In that Tharavadu there was only an old woman.Then he always used to light lamps at the Tharavadu.One day when he was sleeping he had a dream to go to his native place.Then while he was coming he stay at Moolappalli kollan’s house,a blacksmith.Then from there he saw his childhood friend KanatthadanManiyani.Then before eating his food he go to bath at Kathalikkulam.This news was heard by Kuruvattu Kurup and he ran and came to the Kathalikkulam.When Palanthai Kannan was about to bath Kuruvattu Kurup took the churika(a type of weapon)at cut his head and Kannan fell in to the pond.When Kuruvattu Kurupp reached his house from his prayer room black snakes began jumping and the members of the family got mad.Then Kurupp called one astrologer and asked him for any suggestion .Then he told that there is the presence of God and needed kettikkolam for Vishnumoorthi and Palanthai Kannan. Lord Vishnu’s devotee Prahaladan’s father Hiranyakshan asked him that where is his Narayanan.Then he braked all the two pillars,when he was about to brake the third pillar Lord Vishnu as Narasimha came out and killed him and took out his organs.


A devil named Damukhan had war with Lord Parasurama, but Parasurama failed in that war and he went to Lord Shiva.Shiva created a Devi called Kalarathri from his third eye.Then Kalarathri killed that devil. The son born for Shiva and Kalarathri is Kshetrapalakan.With the advice of Shiva Kshetrapalakan came to the Earth and became the army chief of Nediyirippuswaroopam.Kshetrapalakan Vairajathan,Vettakkorumakan had a fight with Envaazhi Prabhus and in the war they defeated Prabhus and conquer Allada Swaroopa and gave to King of Kolothiri.

Padakkathy Bhagavati

Near to Sree Palkkadal there was a stone,near to that there was a silver statue.Near to the conch shell there was Ezhokarimbana.She was seven year old.She had seven madals and eight thiruls.In the seventh madal there was seven golden eggs.From that six egg brake and fall on six different mountain.After braking the seventh egg ,it became Daivakkaru .Her brother-in-laws killd her actual brothers.By hearing this Daivakkanyavu had a war with brother-in-laws and killed them.Then this daivakkanyavu was known as Padakkathy Bhagavati.This theyyam has 18 weapons. She defeated Tuluchekavan and acquired Thuluthadi and Thulumeesa,From pangatti(who beats rice)acquired Ulakkai and Muram,From Thulutheeyan she acquired Ettukatthi and Thallappu,From pandatti she acquired Broom and Chanakakkalam,from Indra’s Iravatha she acquired Thumbikkai.She has weapons like villu,saram,manthala,mankai,kaduthida,chedakaval,venmazhu,kattaram,shulam,gun,plough,ural etc and she is in ardhapurushasankalppa(women&men).She had a wish to see Kolathunadu and bring a Vishwakarma and made a Marakkala.Then Padakkathy Bhagavati reached Nilayankadavath Padinhatta,Thuruthi,Ramavillyam Kazhakam,Vadakkankoval.She killed a devil named Kshtradamswaka who called Parasurama for war.